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Compass Neuropsychological Services Manchester offers private neuropsychological and psychological services.  

What do we offer?

Compass Neuropsychological Services Manchester can offer neuropsychological assessment, neuropsychological rehabilitation and psychological assessment / therapy in the private sector. The service covers Manchester and the clinic rooms can be found in South Manchester (Sale).



Typical referrals include:-

  • Neuropsychological assessment of various cognitive abilities (i.e. memory, attention etc) in the context of developmental or acquired neurological problems  

  • A psychological assessment of mood and psychological function

  • Cognitive rehabilitation and retraining

  • Neuropsychological assessment post-head injury

  • Therapy for a range of psychological problems (i.e. anxiety, depression, grief etc) which may or may not be associated with a neurological problem


Most neuropsychological assessments involve simple paper and pencil tests that aim to assess different areas of cognitive ability. Some assessments and treatments include optional computerised versions.  

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You can reach Compass Neuropsychological Services on:

 07513 608066


or e mail Compass Neuro-psychological Services on :-



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Compass Neuropsychological Services- Manchester

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